This Multimedia Course has been designed to enable students to learn all the five concepts of Multimedia, in a practical designing and implementing environment, where practical projects are to be developed for each concept and then finally a major project to incorporate all the five concepts.

The five interactive concepts of Multimedia are: Text, Images, Audio, Video and Animation.

The course has a set program, but is so designed that students who want to go accelerate and finally create two major projects can achieve this goal, by fast tracking the course, completing each module ahead of the due by schedule date.

At the end of the course, students shall have had the opportunity to explore all the five concepts of Multimedia and have had some fun in learning these.

Software used in this course are all Adobe products:

Images - Photoshop & Illustrator

Text (and images) Desktop Publishing - InDesign & Dreamweaver

Video - Premiere and After Effects

Audio - Audition

The program, complete with 'due by' dates is shown below. The course is also self-paced allowing students to accelerate where they want to.

Digital Images Photoshop Term 1 - weeks 1 - 4
Vector Based Images Illustrator Term 1 - weeks 5 - 6
Desktop Publishing InDesign Term 1 - weeks 7 - 10
Audio Audition

Term 1 - weeks 9 - 10
Term 2 - weeks 1 - 2

Text Using Dreamweaver - Web Design Term 2 - weeks 3 - 10
Video Premiere and After Effects, or: Term 3 - weeks 1 - 8
Photoshop Additional Skills

1. Create a Montage

2. Create an Animated GIF

3. Create a Cinemagraph

4. Create a Stop Motion Animation

5. Blending Photos Together

6. Waterfall Reflections - with a masked in face

Term 3 - weeks 1 - 8
Multimedia Tasks


Term 3 weeks 9 & 10

and Term 4

Illustrator Tasks   Term 4