Requirements for the Built Environment Assessment Task:

Research into examples of the Built Environment from the Examples link below .The are listed alphabetically

You can choose from the exampleslinked below, to research the answers to the questions below.

You can do as many as you can fit in within the term, minimum of eight. There is no maximum limit.

The more you do the more you shall learn about the built environment and man's amazing achievements.

First you need to find two different images of a place in the built environment, then answer the following questions, using a slideshow to present your work.

For each place researched you need to completethree slides.

Slide 1 is to show the two different images, with the title being the name of the place/building/construction.

Slide 2 answer these questions:

1/.What is the building or construction's name

2/. Where is it located, city, country.

3/. When was it constructed.

4/. What is it's main design features.

5/. What is it's purpose - why was it built.

Slide 3

6/. What is it's main featured size - either in height, length, area (or possibly all).

7/. What are the main materials used in the construction.

8/. What are the special design features (that makes it stand out in the Built Environment) - you could use additional images to highlight these features.

What not to do with your slideshow:

Do not animate flying objects into the slides.

Do not use any transitions.

Do not to use PowerPoint's pre-formatted backgrounds, as they are boring and take over the slideshow

Do not use any scripted fonts - as they are too hard to read.

Do not use dark text which is unreadable on a dark background

Do not use any text content that cannot be easily read. If you use a background image, ensure the text content has a fill background to avoid (any) difficulty in reading.


Examples link - alphabetically listed.