Year 7 – Project – Weeks 9 & 10
This will also be on RMWebed, under Students - Year 7 web research.
Using the laptops.
In Word create a survey report in a table on the 10 BEST designed websites (and easy to use), that you can find.
First New Page, then Layout/Margins/Narrow.
You need to insert a Table 4 columns and 11 rows.  You really need to do one row and tab the next, the next and the next, to complete all the rows.
The headings are as below.
The URL is the full address when you land on the page.
The Website Name (title) is the actual name on the website.  Ie: Website Name is RMWebed.
The rating out of 5, 1 the lowest and 5 the highest.
Reasons for your ratings decision.  Three sentences.  
The table row will expand as you type in the information needed.
 The details required are: