Year 7 & Year 8 - Short Research Project – Weeks 9 & 10

1/. In Word create a survey report in a table on the 10 BEST designed websites (and easy to use), that you can find.
2/. First New Page, then Layout/Margins/Narrow.
3/. You need to insert a Table 4 columns and 11 rows.  You really need to do one row and tab the next, the next and the next, to complete all the rows.
4/. The headings are as below.
5/. The URL is the full address when you land on the page.
6/. The Website Name (title) is the actual name on the website.  Ie: Website Name is RMWebed.
6/. The rating out of 5, 1 the lowest and 5 the highest.
7/. Reasons for your ratings decision.  Three sentences.  
8/. The table row will expand as you type in the information needed.
 The details required are: