Year 8 - Photography - A once a rotation class in Week A.
Week 3
Learning about the camera.
1/. How to hold a camera safely.
2/. Zoom and wide angle settings.
3/. The settings dial.
4/. The flash and when to use.
5/. Using a tripod and when best to use.
6/. Composing a photo
7/. Zooming in.
8/. Taking a Wide Angle shot.
9/. When to shoot - watch out for the sun.
10/. Low light situations.
11/. Using the eye piece or fold out viewfinder.
12/. Close ups.
13/. Photoshop.
Link to 15 famous photographers and their works and genres.

What you will then be doing:

1/. Taking a series of photos and then digitising them. Some will be of your class friends, some will be of buildings around the school, but NOT disturbing other classes.

2/. Using Photoshop and skills you will learn, you will be digitising (Photoshopping) the images in a safe and tasteful way, not embarrassing your photo subjects.

You will need to do a series of images.