Blockly Coding

Because the Spheros cannot be used, you will start a coding experience with Blockly, which uses blocks similarly to Scratch, which we are not allowed to use. 
1/. You need to go to this link

2/. Login using your DEC account.

3/. The landing page will show this statement, which sums up what the program is all about.

A course for students to learn to write their first real programs.
This introductory course is designed to get kids writing their first real programs. It uses Blockly, a visual interface to make programming easier and more intuitive for beginners and younger students. However, it also shows the code 'under the bonnet' to ease the transition into programming in Python.

This course will be done and saved online and you can use either Chromebooks or Laptops, depending the availability.
There are also nine modules to complete:

You work at your own pace and work alone.

1/. Your first program
2/. Calculating things
3/. Making decisions
4/. Putting it together
5/. Investigating strings
6/. Looping
7/. Advanced Looping
8/. Counting with code
9/. Putting it all together