Year 8 CAPA - Digital Imaging Skills
Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

A two term unit of work.

Learning skills to include:

The resource is:

Digital Creations - Term 1

Photoshop - Term 1 - Weeks 1 - 6

Illustrator - Term 1 - Weeks 7 - 11

Digital Animations - Term 2

Sort out your best works

What is required, from your digital creations from term1.


Learning about Digital Photographers Works -Theory Task - To be completed by Week 4 term 2.


Handing in your best creations.

First check that what works you are handing in are completed and with all images they are not in the .PSD file format, as they must either be in a .JPG or GIF format.

The USB is available and on the USB is a folder with your name on it. Copy all your completed works into your folder. Again ensuring there are no non-rendered PSD files handed in.

Creating your masterpieces:


Having completed your Digital Images, Your Montage/s, your Animation/s it is now time for you to create your masterpieces.

These can be created using any/all of the Photoshop skills you have learnt.

The topic of your masterpieces is open, except no guns, or violence.

Montages are a favourite and the more 'out of context' the better. ie: A train on the ocean, a ship in the desert, and so on.

In week 10 you will hand in your completed masterpieces, on a USB.

Updated: 19/05/2018.