Building your Website

This term you are going to build a website consisting of five pages, complete with text content and images.

This is a coding activity and at the end of the term you will have gained a basic understanding of HTML coding.

This will be done using the HTML code and the text based software Notepad.
The first page you build, which will be the Index Page, will be the hardest. Then with the other four pages, you can copy the index page and make some code changes.
The building secret is to get the first page, your Index Page working correctly, then and only then build the others.
The final website build will look a lot like this.
The steps for the building construction are:
1/. To start it all off, you need to create a folder on your U-Drive called Website. Then within that folder another sub-folder called images.

2/. You will need to first plan out your website build and how it will look.

You will have five webpages, within the website.

Each page will consist of images and text (to describe what your images are about).
The five pages are:


Intro Page Images Image Resize Text Content Building the Index Page Building the Other Pages