mBlock - Exercises to code.
The exercises to do, in the order as shown. Save as the exercise number.
Then with the teacher's permission, connect to an mBot and run the exercise.
If it does not work - go back to the code and check it works - great - then move onto the next exercise.
If it does not work - first go back and check your code to the example, then ask for assistance.
Short Pieces of coding:
1/. Autostop
2/. Avoid Barriers
3/. Brightness Gradient
4/. Infared
5/. M-Shaped
6/. Mixed Colours
7/. Obstacles
8/. Play Music
9//. Racing
10/. Sound Gradient
11/. Untrasonic Sensor
12/. Keyboard Control
13/. Cliff Detection
A longer Code:
14/. Singing & Dancing