Multimedia Resources and Projects (Originally developedby RMWebed for Students in Years 9 - 12).

Photoshop Skills:
Create a Stop Motion Animation in Adobe Photoshop
Create a Cinemagraph in Photoshop
Create/edit Digtal Image Files in Photoshop
Capture Create and Digitise Images in Photoshop
Use Image Adjustments in Photoshop
Create a Montage
Create a Mouseover21
Create a Mask
Create a Waterfall Image
Create a Stop Motion
Adobe Audition Skills:
Create/Edit Audio files in Adobe Audition
Adobe Illustrator Skills:
Create Illustrator files
Creative Design in Ilustrator
Students Illustrator Ideas with instructions
Palm Tree
InDesign Skills:
Using InDesign
Adobe Muse (Web Design) Skills:
Create a website using Adobe Muse
Adobe Dreamweaver Web Design Skills:
Webpage / Website Design
Create a Basic Website
Video Production