E-Folio for Technology Mandatory

Your folio will consist of 11 slides, each with a slide title, all as outlined below.

An important part of Design & Technology is the way you document your project in a folio. The folio for the HSC actually has more marks in it than the actual finished project.

Do only slides 1,2,4 and 5.

Slide 1 - Your Name and the Tech class name.


Your Firstname and Lastname.

Tech Class ie: 8Tech6

The project description:

Rubber Band Racer Designing and Building.


Slide 2 - Design Situation


(Here you describe what you intend to design - or create).

- For example:

Rubber Band Racer.

This would include information such as:

Researching Rubber Band Racers and Researching "The Fastest"

Then using the rbr template provided and your researched and completed decoration, you made a rubber band racer and tested it out and raced it.

Slide 3 - Design Analysis

(Here you describe the key issues and problems with the project, as well as the criteria for the success of the project).

(These issues would be all the problems you encountered and how you resolved them).

You are not expected to have everything working perfectly first off.

(In fact for the HSC the more problems you have and resolve, the higher the marks received, as the student/s were more challenged and had to work out solutions).

Rubber Band Racer

With the rbr there could have been problems with the assembling and gluing. Maybe the rubber band slipped and the racer stopped.


Slide 4 - Design Research & Exploration

(Here describe what you found when researching of what others have done/made in similar projects, such as different ideas and materials they used. Some of their ideas would have encouraged you to include them in your project).

Rubber Band Racers

Include images from your research. (At least four).

Slide 5 - Design Ideas

(Here briefly describe the ideas you have for the designing of your project. When following the instructions were you able to make changes to improve the project).

Rubber Band Racer

You may have changed a design for the base, from the original you downloaded. you may have started off with an image, but then changed it for a more suitable one.


Slide 6 - Design Solution

Select the best idea. Here you are showcasing your final design/s.

Rubber Band Racer

A photo of your completed racer. Cameras are available for this.

List the materials used and equipment, as well as tools (if applicable).


Slide 7 - Creation

Here you show the best creation.

Rubber Band Racer - a different one to the one above, maybe a racing photo.


Slides 8 - 10 - Your Evaluation in a Weekly Diary

In your last lesson each week, you need to briefly describe what you accomplished during the week.

Answer the questions (briefly):

Is your research and project going the way you wanted it to go, or if not why.

What changes needed were made on the project, since last week.

The details should include:

Week Number.

What progress made on which project - Scratch, or what steps completed, for the rbr what stage did you complete this week.


Slide 11 - Your Summative (the final) Evaluation

Is your (main) project a success.

Seek your teacher's feedback on your project/s. To do this, you need to place your work on the teacher's USB for the final assessment marking.

List the technologies you used to create your project.

For example:

Rubber Band Racer - one of the school's cameras, internet research, Adobe Photoshop software, (maybe even Adobe Illustrator for line drawings and placing and sizing the base image onto your rbr from the template provided.