Here’s a link to a rbr build plan
•Google Rubber Band Car and this is one of the links:

Materials needed:

• You need to bring to school these recyclables:
• A racer car chassis – a soft drink bottle, a milk carton/container (obviously thoroughly washed).
• Plus four bottle caps, or old cds, or similar. Plus anything else you may need which the school does not supply.

The school will supply:

•A racetrack
•Rubber bands
•Paddle pop sticks
•Masking tape
•The tools needed:
•Cutting knives

Watch these YouTube videos in class:

An Easy one to make.

An Air Rbr

A powered car

How to make a rbr mini car, using household items.

•**The YouTubes are not linked for student use, as they are YouTubes and can only currently be viewed on the projector screen**

The plan:

Week 1 – 2 Look at the YouTubes to get an idea what this is about.

Research the type of racer you intend to build.

Week 2 – 5 start designing and then when approved, build and racer.  Try another rbr build, if necessary.  Do your folio work.

Weeks 6 – 7 Complete your design folio.

Folio work:

•In Powerpoint, create your design folio.
•Start with Part 1 – My first rbr
•(There will be a Part 2 – later on, when you create a more refined racer).
•The title slide is Rubber Band Racer and your name.

•Next copy in some researched images of possible racer. There should be at least six images.

Link here for the Folio instructions.

Build and race the Rbr:

•Start assembling.
•Using the racetrack, test it.
•Make any adjustments.
•Race it against another students Rbr.
•Complete your folio evaluation of how it all went.


Part 2

Create and build a laser etched/cut rbr.