Scratch 28 - Spiders by Zach. It looks comples but it isn't. Just a bit of coding (51 Sprites) and four costumes.
There are 51 Sprites in this Scratch. The coding is quite easy though, with four only full codes to do and the others are a copy of Sprite2, with three changes in the variables. See the example below.









The code only changes in the two scripts highlighted in red.

This means after you have drawn the 51 costumes for the Sprites and you have coded Sprite 2, you can duplicate the Sprite to all Sprites EXCEPT Sprites 31, 51, 52.

In drawing your costumes there are four only (seethe costumes screen dump below).

The individual code line changes for each Sprite are in the table also below.


Costume 3 is only a series of 5 dots.
Sprite 31