Scratch 30 - The Coders Ultimate Incredibly Ultimate Scratching Challeng using at least 20 sprites!

Create your own Scratch project, which must be interactive and all your own work.

You cannot just copy an existing Scratch and modify it. You have to create your own!

It should be a dynamic project that extends your learning capabilities in coding.

Enjoy creating the challenge!!!!

You must be able to show that you have completed all the other tasks.

Do not attempt this challenge without the required tasks being handed in for assessment. Some may be returned for completion, which will prioritise over this task.

All tasks handed in must be fully working!

This is not a one Scratch project, it can be one of several Scratch projects you develop, improving your skills as you go.

Reminder - this IS NOT a task where you just create a Scratch and play it every lesson - as a computer game. That is not on!

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