Scratch 3 - The Gobo
1/. Read the Instructions

2/. There are four Sprites here.

1 - The Choose sprite

2 - The Clear Button, which you draw.

3 - The line.

4 - The Bat.

3/. This is the code for the Choose Sprite. Go create the code, using the coding screen on right.
4/. This is the code for Clear - go create it.
5/. This is the code for Sprite 1. Go create it. THis can be a straight line drawn.
6/. This is the code for Sprite 2. The code is copied from Sprite 1, by selecting Sprite 1, opening the code and copying in the blocks, by dragging the code over the top of Bat Sprite.
7/. This is the finished Scratch, which is still building itself.