Scratch 8 - Fireworks4 - With Lots of Sprites!

This is a 50 sprite project. But the code is the same for each Sprite, excepting that you must then change two script variable on each (see the list below).

A custom background has been used here, as the one used in the original Scratch is blurry.


There are a lot of Sprites to draw:

This is the code for all the Sprites, but you then need to change two variables on each sprite 2 - 50.

This shows the two blocks which change and must be manually changed in the scripts, but not taken over to the code.

Here is a list of the Script changes with the Go To and Glide changes. This will keep you bust for a while, but it is worth it!

Of the 50 Sprites, the Motion blocks have 17 sprites that are not the same. They are scattered and shown in red below. But do not change the code, only the blocks.