Scratch Programming - Updated 26/05/2017.
The resources used here have been uploaded (and modified) from Scratch M.I.T. and are acknowledged as being excellent tools to learn programming.
In the 15 Scratches below, there are different levels and students can choose their own level of difficulty.
How it all works - Scripts, Costumes, Background, Sounds and Copy Sprites and Sprite Codes.
It is expected over the term that students will complete at least 10 of the Scratches.
These are now all Scratch projects. Scratch games are those which can be played at home, but not in school lessons.
Scratch can be downloaded at home, (Scratch Offline Editor) using the Scratch download link:
There is now also a ranking level of difficulty to assist in selecting Scratches. E - Easy, M - Medium, H - High. Choose the Scratches best suited to your levels.
Scratch Number Scratch Filename Level of Difficulty (E,M,H)
1 The Dog E - Very Easy and a good first Scratch
2 Spinners E - Easy and great fun!
3 Gobo M - Great Fun
4 Circle E - Fun and watch it grow!
5 Fireworks1 (lots of colour) M - Great colours!
6 Fireworks2 (the rocket) M - Find the rocket and star from the Internet.
7 Fireworks3 (the moon and a rocket) M - Find the rocket and star from the Internet.
8 Fireworks4 (lots of sprites) H There are 50 Sprites, but many are code duplicates.
9 Fireworks5 (15 sprites of colour) M - 15 Sprites.
10 Square E - Fun!
11 Shape Fill E - Too easy fun!
12 Circles - Fun E - Fun!
13 Circles M - More complex code within one Sprite.
14 Xylophone (new version) M - More complex, but the nine Sprites can be duplicated and changed.
15 The Ultimate Challenge H - Create your own challenge masterpiece!