Scratch Programming - for Year 7 - Technology Mandatory - Multimedia Coding.

Important Notice - Scratch 3

Is being installed on the DnT computers. There are many changes (some good and some confusing).

This link is the tutorial for Scratch 3, showing the main changes from the previous versions.

Read the instructions below before starting any of the Scraches.

The list of Scratches to choose your 10 Scratches from is linked here.

Some of the resources used here have been uploaded (and modified) from Scratch M.I.T. and are acknowledged as being excellent tools for learning programming. Others have been made by my students.

1/. You this term for the first half will be doing Scratch Programming, but in high school there is a huge difference:

You NEVER need to use the Scratch website.  That’s primary school or at home stuff!.

    1. Instead you use this website:  then from the home page select My Students Learning Resources, then Year 7 Scratch.

    2. You need to have a look at the page instructions below before starting your projects.

The steps are:

1 Create a folder in your login folder – scratch_your name - such as - scratch_amysmith

2 In this folder will be saved all your scratches to be handed in for marking mid-term.  The exercises will be saved under the scratch project you have done, such as scratch6, scratch15, use the numbers you have completed only.

2. When planning each Scratch, first consider your background.

Backgrounds are essential, as Scratch looks good with coloured backgrounds, most of them work really well.
Black works really well, highlighting the bright colours.

You could also use a downloaded background from the Internet, or one of the Scratch default backgrounds.

3. Projects Creations:

In doing the projects you create the blocks from the screen shot examples provided.

The block colours show you which code blocks to use.

Some blocks you need to make, by creating variables.  These are the orange data blocks.

You may change the Sprites for something different, if you want to.

Checking the code work in practice: use play button, as you go, to ensure the script works.  I it is not happening, recheck your
code, twice, then ask for help!  If you then have a code error the teacher finds there is unfortunately a loss of marks!

If Scratch goes "off the track" and produces some crazy shapes.  You do not lose marks for this, so long as the code is correct!

4. You need to select 10 coding examples in whatever order and ability level to best and using the screen shots of the code, create the working code.
Once you have completed 10 Scratch projects from the screen-shot examples, they need to be handed in for checking on the Handins USB.

Once this is done, you can move onto your own design projects.

Your own projects will be named myproject1, myproject2. *see the "myproject" instructions below.

The list of Scratches to choose your 10 Scratches from is linked here.

Here you are at your creative "high".

You have your previous scratches to work with for ideas of what you are going to create. 

You can create something completely new.

This could be a Scratch game challenge!

But following DEC policy – no violence, no weapons!