Scratch Programming - for Years 7 & 8 - Technology Mandatory Multimedia.

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The resources used here have been uploaded (and modified) from Scratch M.I.T. and are acknowledged as being excellent tools for learning programming.
You are to make a minimum of 15 projects, from the tasks listed below, then you can create your own Ultimate challenges.

Before you do anything, read this link.


How it all works - Scripts, Costumes, Background, Sounds and Copy Sprites and Sprite Codes.

How it all works.

To create a Scratch, first you need to open Scratch, then open a Scratch task and read the file information contained in the coding instructions, which are a series of screen captures. Then you can create your Scratch.

When you get used to Scratch programming, you can modify any part of the Scratch coding to be more creative.

You can also use Internet researched backgrounds and images for your Scratch files and for your Sprites.

All Scratch files created/modified must be of educational standard and feature NO weapons of any sort and must DEFINITELY NOT feature violence in any form.

There are NO games to be created at school. That's fun stuff to do at home only!


Scratch can also be downloaded for use at home, (Scratch Offline Editor) using the Scratch download link:

There is a ranking level of difficulty to assist in selecting Scratches. E - Easy, M - Medium, H - High. Choose the Scratches best suited to your levels. It is suggested you start with an easy one first, then move up.

The Fireworks Scratches are really colourful!

You can choose the Scratches you want to program, there are Easy, Medium levels and the Hard level is where you create your own designed Scratch.

Scratch Filename

Level of Difficulty (E,M,H)

Scratch Programming Notes
1 The Dog at Play E Very Easy and a good first Scratch
2 Spinners E Easy and great fun!
3 Gobo M Great Fun
4 Circle E Fun and watch it grow!
5 Fireworks1 (lots of colour) M Great colours!
6 Fireworks2 (the rocket) M Fireworks
7 Fireworks3 (the moon and a rocket) M Find the rocket and star from the Internet.
8 Fireworks4 (lots of sprites) H There are 50 Sprites, but many are code duplicates.
9 Fireworks5 (15 sprites of colour) M 15 Sprites.
10 Square E Fun!
11 Shape Fill E Too easy and fun!
12 Circles - Fun E Fun!
13 Circles M More complex code within one Sprite.
14 Xylophone (new version) M More complex, but the nine Sprites can be duplicated and changed.
15 The Spinners E An easy to code Scratch.
16 Multiple Rainbows E Rainbows.
17 Balloons E Lots of Balloons.
18 Spiral E Spiralling Circles - Fun and really easy to do/
19 Circles - Concentric E Draw a circle - Easy Fun!
20 Circles and Squares E Draw a circle and a square - Fun! Simple code.
23 Waterfall E  
24 Shapes on the move E  
25 Cats by Sophia E  
26 Shapes by Maddison E  
27 Crazy Fireworks by Zach M  
29 The Ultimate Challenge   Create your own individual challenge masterpiece from the ground up. Only when you have completed at least 15 Scratches
30 The Coders Ultimate, Ultimate Challenge   This challenge can only be completed after 15 Scratches have been handed in. This involves 20 Sprites, with different coding for each, though some maybe modified from another Sprite. The theme is Fireworks. The basic idea is to build upon the ideas used in Scratch 9 which had 15 Sprites. Enjoy the Ultimate - Ultimate Challenge!
      Scratches updated as at: 04/12/2017.