Sphero - Robot Programming.


Here you will move on from Scratch block programming in Multimedia to 'real time' programming a Sphero robot. You will be programming a SPRK+ rolling ball robot to do many activities.

This link takes you to the About Sphero Information Page


Foreward - Sphero Instructions.

What's needed.

1/. A Sphero robot which will be shared by a team of two students. Preferably the same Sphero for each lesson, to avoid having to re-program the robot each lesson.

2/. A mobile phone/tablet device which will have the Sphero app downloaded onto it. Students to provide the mobile device.

How to do it. These instructions are essential reading. The link is also below, in the links bar.

3/. You then need to 'get started' with Sphero by choosing an activity from the linked on the how to do it page. The link is external (and not from the usual source RMWebed). Also the link is very slow on opening!

4/. You are then to follow the code and re-create it on your mobile device.

Then you need to run the Sphero robot and hopefully it will work for you. If it does not work, will mean that you have missed part of the code.

5/. You are also encouraged to change the variables within the code to produce an even better result. But only after the first three Spero modules are completed and working.

6/. Assessment.

When you have successfully developed a program, you will run it and have it video recorded for assessment. The code you have used will also be photographed for assessment. There are no USB handins with this.

The outcome will be that you have completed 10 Sphero examples, from the website, then you can create your own, from the ground up, using your team's programming creativity.

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