Sphero - Robot Programming.


Here you will move on from Scratch block programming in Multimedia to 'real time' programming a Sphero robot. You will be programming a SPRK+ rolling ball robot to do many activities.


Foreward - Sphero Instructions. These will need to be updated after DEC allows their computers to have Sphero loaded on them. When that happens mobile devices use will cease.

What's needed.

1/. A Sphero robot (which will be operated by one student or possibly by a team of a maximum of two students).

2/. A mobile device which will need to have the Sphero app downloaded onto it. Students are to provide the mobile device. See the How to get started link.


A PC, laptop, tablet with Windows 10. Though the DEC will not (yet) allow the Sphero app on their computers, due to compatability issues.

3/. How to get started link - These instructions are important - initial reading

4/. You then need to 'get working'' with Sphero by choosing an activity from the exercises link.

5/. It is most important that you have a Sphero account and you log in each time you use Sphero.

This is so you can access your previous saved programs which are stored in the Sphero Cloud. There is no other way to save a completed or incomplete program.

6/. You are then to follow the code and re-create it on your mobile device, or PC/Tablet.

7/. You will also need to have a look at the coding blocks and where each code item is located.

8/. Then you need to run the Sphero robot and hopefully it will work for you. If it does not work, will most likely mean that you have missed part of the code, or coded incorrectly.

9/. You are also encouraged to change the variables within the code to produce an even better result. But only after the Spero modules are completed and working.

10/. Assessment:

When you have successfully developed a program, you will run it and show the completed program working.

11/. The sucesful outcome will be that you have completed the 12 Sphero examples, from the website, then you can create your own, from the ground up, using your and your team's programming skills.

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