1/. What are the top 10 traits employers seek out?
2/. Complete the Getting to Know You Task in the resource.
3/. Complete the Childhood Dream Careers Task in the resource.
4/. There are considered to be five broad domains to human personality, known as the ‘Big 5’. Each domain underpins several personality traits. Describe what these are.
5/. Rate your values from the resource task, from 1 - 5. (1- being the less important and 5 - being the most important).
6/. Create your own mIssion Statement, uisng the example from the resource.
7/. Answer the Personal Values activity.
8/. List and describe what the three personal values in the resource.
9/. What are the six steps to make the right choices.
10/. What are the three personal 'Self' attributes and what do they mean.
11/. What are the Mindset challenges and Changes.
12/. Complete the How positive are You About Yourself, from the resource.
13/. Complete the Positive Qualities about yourself in the resource.
14/. What makes Positive People.
15/. What are the Tips for Creating a Positive Attitude.
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