Understanding Money - Tasks
1/. Describe the difference between Wages and Salaries?
2/. What is a payslip and why should you receive one?
3/. Do self-employed workers pay tax and how do they pay tax?
4/. What happens if when you start work you do not give your employer your T.F.N. after 28 days?
5/. Tax Returns - what are they and can they be good for you?
6/. When must you lodge a tax return?
7/. What is superannuation?
8/. What financial services can a bank offers and what sort of accounts can you have - describe them all?
9/. What is a bank loan?
10/. What needs to be taken into account in a monthly budget?
11/. How can you save money?
12/. Good debt - what this?
13/. Bad debt - what is this?
14/. What is spiralling debt?
15/. Go to the Money Savvy Quiz and answer the 15 questions - using the question number and the answer letter only.

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