The Workplace - Assessment Task
1/. The workplace is the physical location where people are employed to work. Define the different types of workplaces. Before you answer this look at the many different workplaces there are, including truck drivers, cabbies, etc.
2/. Work conditions, there are rules, where are they set out in?
3/. Workers expect employers to provide what?
4/. Workers are responsible for understanding what in the workplace?
5/. Look at the average working hours per week and answer the question - Should we work less hours for less money in order to have a better quality lifestyle?
6/. New employees need to find out their rights and responsibilities. What do they include?
7/. The Fair Work Guide for Young Workers provides what sort of information?
8/. Starting a new job - on your first day. What do you need to find out. Complete the questionnaire.
9/. Work Attitudes, what do they include?
10/.Getting ahead in the workplace includes what? (There's a lot on this topic - cover ALL the main points).
11/. Check your attitude. Complete the activity.
12/. Why are quality work relationships so important?
13/. Where and with whom are quality work relationships developed?
14/. How are quality work relationships nurtured?
15/. Complete the Defining Your Relationships activity.
16/. What does effective workplace teamwork do?
17/. Describe what are team roles.
18/. What is workplace etiquette?
19/. Not a workplace activity, but what is classroom etiquette that readies you for the workplace?
20/. You are new to the workplace, or a new job. What do you need to do?
21/. What types of discrimination 'could' occur in the workplace and what can the worker do about it?
22/. Describe the effective workplace.
23/. Describe what exactly is job satisfaction.
24/. Why keep a workplace journal?
25/. What is included in the Workplace General Capabilities Table?
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