Hyperlinking Your Images - in Dreamweaver.

You need to hyperlink the smaller images with the larger originals, for all pages excluding the My Music Page. Hyperlinking is what happens when in Google Images you click on the thumbnail image to link to the larger image.

The steps are quite easy.

1/. Make sure in Dreamweaver the Properties Window is open.

2/. Then select the small image on your webpage and then in the Properties Window select the Folder at the end of the Link rectangle. This will open your website folder.

3/. Locate the larger image, double click on it and the image name will appear in the Properties Window link rectangle.

4/. To test the link is working, save the webpage and then open it in the browser. The hyperlinking will only work in the browser (the display interface) and not in Dreamweaver (which is the page preparation software).

5/. Then in the browser place the cursor over the image and a hand will appear.

6/. Click on the thumbnail and if all is working the larger image will then appear.

7/. Repeat step three above for all the images, then save the webpage and then open it in the browser. Check all the image links work and the images are linked correctly.

For hyperlink the sounds in the My Music Page, go to the Music Link Page.


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