Sound Extension Task

This task is in two parts:

1/. You will create a third webpage which will be a save as copy of the interests page.

Here you will save the page as sounds.

Then you will remove the existing images and text content from the new webpage

Then you will save the page again as sounds.

2/. You will need to (at home) find six soundtracks that you really like. Save the MP3 tracks too a USB and bring them to school and place in your website directory. There are many MP3 download websites. One suggested is Free MP3 Download Online.
3/. For each soundtrack you will need to find an image of the six singers or groups, which needs (again) to be greater than 480 px wide.
4/. Edit each image width in Photoshop to 480px wide.
5/. Insert the image into the soundtrack webpage, using Dreamweaver. On the opposite column to the image you need to name the artist/s and where they are based (which country), as well as their music genre.

6/. Next in Adobe Audition open all the tracks.

If any tracks have long lead ins or lead outs, remove them (see image below). Select the unwanted track section and delete it. You can also remove anything else you do not want - such as a dj introducing the song, or a singer talking about their song, when you just want the music, by following the same steps.


7/. The next step is to link the sound file to the image, in Dreamweaver.

On the webpage, select the image.

Then in the properties window, select the folder next to the link rectangle.

Then find the soundtrack in your website folder and click on it. The name of the track will appear in the link bar.

8/. Now to create your ringtone.

1/. Create a new file - audio file.

2/. Find the section of the track that you want to use. About 10 seconds is all you need. You can use Audition's sound track position meter to show the start and end points and all you do is using your maths subtract the start point from the end point to find out how long the chosen section is.

3/. Do the same for the second track.

4/. Copy paste both sound cuts to the new file you created, in the order you wanted them. Join them together.

5/. Play the sound track and

6/. If there are any edits needed, either in each track's length or in the join. You can edit each track's length just by selecting the beginning or end and deleting that section. The join can be edited the same way or use the Favourites fade in or fade out command.

7/. Play it to ensure you are satisfied with it.

8/. Save the finished track as ringtone.mp3.

9/. Create a link at the bottom of the page as ringtone. Select the words ringtone and add the link from your file to activate the ringtone link, or just use this image and create a link from it, as you did with the soundtracks above.

Then you are done!

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