Junior Multimedia Studies

In this course you will be learning many fun & creative Photoshop Digital Imaging skills.

This course will cover as many aspects as possible in learning the skills of digital imaging, using the industry standard software Photoshop.

(Some students maybe in this course and Digital Imaging in CAPA. The course is now aligned to enable both subjects to be studied as one).

There are now 27 different links to work with.

1/. Create Digital Images - Part1.


Great fun stuff! There are 12 digital image tasks to do.
2/. Create Digital Images - Part 2 . 10 more tasks in Filters & Image Adjustments.
3/. Create a Collage. A Collection of Photos all in the one Image.
4/. Create a Montage. Fun stuff!
5/. Create an Animated G.I.F. A Moving Image Show.
6/. Subtle Colours An easy (subtle) soft colouring task.
7/. Masking Images. Getting to the more complex tasks.
8/. Mirroring an Image Multiple Times. Fun and easy after finding the right image to mirror.
9/. Doubles. Easy as!
10/. Image Over the Top. Another Easy As and creative too!
11/. Framed Image Within an Image Just a few steps and you are framing!
12/. Layers/Opacity Patio Door. Creative Fun Stuff.
13/. Layers/Opacity Cherry Blossom. Creative and looks good!
14/. Create a Blending Mask - Water Reflection. Smooth!
15/. Create Someone in a Waterfall. Soft and there is someone in the waterfall!
16/. Blending Images Together- to make some incredible "joined" images. Incredible!
17/. Masking images - Create a Layer Mask. Easy and not meant to be real!
18/. Masking - Sunnies Really Cool!
19/. Something a little different - a model in a mountain. It starts off simple and is quite fun when done!
20/. Putting someone in a Glass. Squeezing someone into a glass!
21/. Face in the leaves. A soft effect!
22/. Placing someone in a soft effect - Girl at the Window. An art effect!
23/. Three Images Combined, using the same image, with changes. Nice and well balanced!
24/. Create a Sketched Image. Fun and interesting!
25/. Create a Sketch from an Image, using a different technique. You create a B&W sketch, then a colour sketch. Two sketches of the same subject.
26/. Flowers in the hair. An adaptation of 17. Masking person. More fun!
27/. People on the Beach - Romantic Scene. Some planning in the type of images to use, then it's relatively easy!
28/. Blending to images. Do many different options on the one image, to see the results.
29/. Girl in a Mountain Hole. A project using the dimensional aspect.
30/. Create a Cinemagraph Cinemagraphs use video for the base scene, then take an extract out and create a short movie with many changes. Youtube videos are supplied.

Updated: 25/09/2018.