Year 8 - Build the Template for the Website.


You are to build five working webpages for your website. An Index (Home) Page, an Interests Page, A Places Page, a Fav Foods Page and a My Music Page.

To start off with, you need to build a template page then when the layout is completed, you will first test the page in the browser, then save it as:

(1) Index

(2) Music

These pages will be built off a template page.

1/. Open Adobe Dreamweaver.

Ensure the Properties floating Window is open (Window/Properties).

2/. Then create a New HTML Document.

Then Insert a Table:

2 rows

1 column

and (see below) three additional settings that need to be made.

Align the Table to Center by clicking on the table and in the Properties Window, select Center instead of Default.

3/. In the table row 2, Insert a Nested Table:

7 Rows

2 Columns

See the other settings below and note the border thickness has changed to 1.


4/. In the last row type in the link pages names: (left table row) My Home Page - (right table row) My Fav Music Page.


5/. To create the page hyperlinks:

Run the mouse over My Index Page then in the Properties Window's Link space type in: index.html

Then run the mouse over My Fav Music Page and type in: music.html



6/. Save the template page as template in your website folder.

Then in the browser open the page.

To do this go to your website folder and double click on template.

Your final template page should look like this.

Note the top row has no border. This is how it is meant to be.


7/. Now it's time to create the pages.

Save the template page as index.html, then interests.html, places.html, fav_foods.html and music.html .


8/. Open both pages in Dreamweaver and using the Properties Window, give each page a title.

Index Page - My Index Page

Interests Page - My Interests.

Places Page - Places I have been to or want to go to.

Fav Foods - My Favourite Foods.

Music Page - My Fav Music

9/. You are now ready to insert the images, text content and music into the music page.

10/. Colouring in your webpages. You can have a single colour page, or a multi-colour page, as in this webpage. To do this go to the Adding Colour link.

Colour in both webpages.

11/. Time to move onto building the content for your two pages, with content - images and text.

In Dreamweaver.

Insert the smaller images you resized into their pages, in the order you want them.

12/. Now hyperlink the Index Page images and the music in your My Fav Music Page. See the Hyperlinking link.


When your hyperlinks are done, test each page and links, using the browser and fix up any changes necessary, then save your pages again and then you are done.

Hand in your complete website folder for marking.


Find Images & Resize

Build the Pages

Building the Music Page

Hyperlinking Images and Sounds

Add Some Colour

Webpage Layout