To get started you need to create a Folder in your log-in drive called website.

You are going to build a website consisting of four linked pages:

An Index (Home) Page

An Interests Page

A Favourite Foods Page

A Places Page

The software to use will be Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop (for the images).

The steps are:

1/. Create a folder Website in your login directory.

2/. Research 6 images for each page. That is 24 images.

The Index Page - images can be a collection of images you like, for your intro page.

The Interests Page - is about things you are really interested in, like to do, hobbies, sports.

The Fav Foods Page - is about foods you really like.

The Places Page - is about Places you have you have either been to or want to go to, or both.

3/. You will also need some words to describe the images - about two - three sentences. The information can be put into a Word document and saved or copy/pasted into the webpage.

4/. The images must be 480px wide or larger. See the images link for the instructions.

5/. Then the big step build the pages. See the build link.
6/. There is an extension exercise, if you finish early - see the add a Sound file link.

Find Images & Resize

Build the Pages

Add Colours

Webpage Layout Examples

Create a Sound Webpage