Subjects you can book with me to teach you online:

I am accredited and registered with the NSW NESA NSW Educational Standards Authority - as a School Teacher.

IELTS qualified teacher. TESOL, TESL, ESL, TEFL,EFL, IELTS (teacher by diploma). Assistance can be povided with the IELTS exam preparation.

ESL lessons are available.

Online lessons are also available in:
Primary School: English, Maths.
Secondary School: English, ESL, Multimedia, I.T., Design & Technology, Photography, Creative Writing.

(email for further information:

Lesson content is available for all these areas:

English - Primary and Secondary.

Maths - Primary.

TESOL, TESL, ESL, TEFL,EFL, IELTS (teacher by diploma) - All ages.


Lesson Delivery.

In class

Online courses. All my current courses have been available to all my students from my website. Email assessment and responses were also provided.

Zoom delivery for 1:1 and class of up to 5.

Tournament of Minds - International Gifted and Talented program.

I have been involved in this program - competitions held yearly at Regional, State, Commonwealth and International levels.

I was a teacher/facilitator from: 2008 - 2015, then was appointed as a Senior Judge 2016 to current.

I was also extensively involved in the Primary School Gifted & Talented program as a teacher/facilitator.

Current Teacher Status

I have renewed my Accreditation for 2022.

I love my teaching and engaging with my students, (now Online).

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