Aboriginal Culture - Dreamtime Stories


As told by Aunty Beryl Carmichael, who belongs to the Ngiyaampaa people, come from the Ngiyaampaa nation and the area we're in now belongs to Eaglehawk and Crow. I'm a storyteller as well and all the stories have been handed down to me by my people. Aunty Beryl is now custodian of about twenty-eight stories.

Your task is to select a Dreamtime Story and read it to understand what it is about. Then you are to create, using your imagination, images and some words, a PowerPoint presentation about the story.

You are the graphical story teller, taking out the main points, characters and animals and tell your version of the story.

Use plenty of images to show your understanding of the story too.

Then use colours to show the feeling of the story.

Use 'some' words to help tell your version of the story.

When you are done and your PowerPoint checked, you should try another story.