There are nearly 3000 photos in these galleries

Photo Galleries of Sapphire Beach sunrises taken in the summer of 2015/2016.

Gallery 2015 (964 photos)

Gallery 8 (131 photos)

Gallery 7 (145 photos)

Gallery 6 (200 photos)

Gallery 5 (190 photos)

Gallery 4 (281 photos)

Gallery 3 (105 photos)

Gallery 2 (200 photos)

Gallery 1 (200 photos)

The galleries are a collection of my photos on the beach every morning, warm, wet, windy and chilly. They are taken between 05:30 and 06:30 depending on the time of the year. Currently in December the sunrise is at about 05:40hrs E.D.T.

Galleries are a collection of Sapphire Beach (latest) and (earlier) South Sapphire Beach (Campbell's Beach - also was then known as Pelican Beach after the resort Pelican Beach, which was located there.

Galleries Sun8 and Sunrises 2015 are image size 1280px wide x 860px high. All others are 1024px wide x 640px high.