Jobs - of the Future - Update News Articles

Employment Studies and Jobs of the Future Updates.

These resources from mailnly online stories are readings that will enable students to view updates of the workplace and workplace of the future.

They should be read as part of the course content, partiularly for the module Jobs of the Future.

Further updated articles will appear as/when published and resourced.

The fastest growing jobs - in 2017
A resource from the Coffs Harbour Advocate. Resourced 23/10/2017.

A second resource from the Daily Telegraph. Resourced 08/10/2017.

Career Changes - Resourced 25/11/2018.

As many as two in five Australian jobs are at risk over the next decade from trend experts who have dubbed "the fourth industrial revolution". Daily Telegraph. Resourced 8/10/2017.

Jobs that won’t survive growth of digital economy - News Ltd. Resourced 25/11/2018.

Hospitality and Tourism Jobs Booming. Resourced 24/11/2018
Jobs in a Digital Economy. Resourced 25/11/2018.
Micro Jobs. Resourced 31/12/2017.
Entrepreneurs. Resourced 26/10/2018.
Future of Work. Resourced 14/02/2018.
Case Example - Jobs in the Gaming Industry - Jessie James. Resourced 05/11/2017.
The Modern Workplace. Resourced 21/10/2017.
Windows Workplace Watchdog. Resourced 17/11/2016.
Work Revolution. Resourced 5/11/2017.
Tourism and Hospitality - jobs by 2020. Resourced 11/12/2015, as a .pdf file.
One in three university graduates work in jobs unrelated to their study. Resourced 04/09/2017.
Work Ready News Update. Resourced 13/03/2017.
Fast Food Industry Interview Checklist. Obtained 01/12/2015, as a .pdf file.
CV's going out of style. Resourced 31/05/2019.
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