Year 8.4 CAPA - Photography Skills

This is a course program for a once a rotation class in Photography and digital Image Skills.

Part 1 - Term 1

Theory - discover the works of one famous photographer, from the 15 Famous Photographers.

Part 2 - Terms 1 and 2

Photo Skills - Photo Taking Techniques and types of Cameras

Part 3 - Term 2

Task 1 - Research Task of 10 questions

Part 4 - Terms 3 and 4

Task 2 - Research Project - Photos Shoot and Digitise.

Resource: Display gallery of Well Framed Photos.

Resource: Photoshop Filters and some of their effects.

Resource: Images Gallery of Skills to be tried out - Examples of Photos before and after digitisation in Photoshop.


15 Famous

Photo Skills



Photos - Shoot and Digitise

Resource - Pshop Filters

Resource -Gallery of Well Framed Photos Resource - Digitisation of images