Incorporate video into MultimediaPpresentations


Video is an important component of multimedia, adding movement to photo shoots or screen shots.

YouTube videos have become really popular with instructional videos, as well as concerts and many, many, many other applications.

MPEG4 videos can be taken with numerous video cameras, with a range of quality.

Mobile phones can also take 'low format' videos, but are certainly not part of this course.

In this module you will create a video from the start .

You will prepare a script.

Storyboard the scenes.

Prepare a materials equipment list.

Find a suitable location or locations.

Rehearse the actors (If applicable).

Prepare a voiceover (if applicable).

Shoot the video.

Edit the video in the appropriate software.

Sound - possibly look at including audio attributes such as voiceovers and/or sound tracks.

Video making involves video editing in industry standard software, backing video, possibly removing part of the sound track, by separating the video and sound.

Videos are to be 'shot' using pre-planning scripts and storyboarding. This is not only for the 'actors', scripts are also necessary for equipment lists, scene changes, lighting changes and audio.

Lighting is a high component of video. There's nothing worse than a 'grainy - low lit video.

The use of appropriate backdrops, sets and scene changes are important, as they add 'colour' and props to the actors and scenes.

Green screening is common in video as a still background or video background with the main scene in the foreground.

Whether it is a school production, a major commercial production, an ad, or a movie, the procedure and method are the same. It's just the type and expense of the equipment that is the difference.

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